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RE: Obama Loses His First Debate on Energy

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Chris Cottrell

Heres an interesting little tidbit. I live fifty miles north of Wichita, Kansas in a town alongside I-135. I-135 branches off of I-35 at Wichita and runs straight north to I-80 in Nebraska. Several times a month I have occasion to take I-135 down to Wichita. For over a year now, whenever I make the trip in daylight, I count the number of northbound rigs I meet carrying drill pipe, casing, pump jacks, etc. I consistently average four to six trucks in less than an hours time. While I have no way of knowing for sure, I think almost all of that equipment is headed for the Bakken. If I’m seeing that many loads each time in just a few trips a month, imagine how many are going north that I don’t see. I know one thing. If I was young and single, I’d be packing up and headed north myself.

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