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RE: North America Refinery Shutdown Table -Update June 08

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Charles Randall

Here is update on North America Refinery T/A Schedules. Tough list when some new reasons downtime includes Earthquakes and Economics!
But it seems that lot unplanned S/D (not connected with fires, explosions or leaks) revolve around power failures, FCC units & Sulfur Units. Almost a shame for the Coking refineries to have lot power issues with today’s options for Petcoke CFB or Polygen Gasifier and today’s power & byproduct prices – also lot failures are around same group plants (Delaware, Aruba, La Gloria, Corpus, Deer Park & Houston).
But the all time poster Refinery for power failure is still Valero Delaware’s with it’s Power problems from GE (old Texaco) Gasification unit – the lost refinery downtime alone has accumulated more than enough lost earnings to pay for bulldozing unit ground & putting in one that works (wonder if they have EGAS number?). 
Coking refinery & changes highlighted for 2008.

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