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RE: New Jamaica Regime seeks $1.5 Bn Refinery Expansion (& Coker?)

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Charles Randall

Here is news update on Jamacia/PDVSA expansion & coker add for Jamacia’s only refinery.
This project has been in Planning & FEED stage since 2001. If there is coker it has to be out for Coker Tech license now with this update & based on new funds from China/Russia & Brazil.

It was ontrack for installation in 2008 with 2010 target online date till got delayed after they replaced Vac tower in Apr 2008. I heard FW did lot work but still hasnt got license, since it is PDVSA JV they have do coker & other upgrade options are too expensive.

They definitely delayed original target day. They may have switched to non-coker alternate but those are always more costly and seldom pass FEED study cost hurdles given all PDVSA projects in works.

I just found my background files on it & as Argus news item said Petrojam was looking at adding coker back 2006-2008. The Phase I was Visbreaker that was to go in when replaced old Vac unit in Apr 2008 and Phase II was coker due online in 2010 but this was delayed (or canceled).

So its still possible but think its outsider given all the other PdV projects already announced …… despite all Chinese & Russian money funding lot new upgraders & refinery expansions. Also think this one might not have coker – one news items saw that they were looking at one alternate Visbreaker or new Slurry cracker for bottoms conversion here at Jamaica.

Keep me informed if anyone hears update news or otherwise.

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