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RE: Near Hits and Lessons Learned

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Pete Bisila

Well………we outsmarted ourselves, again.  We have a single air bubbler level transmitter in the pit that is setup 0-100% at something less than the actual dimensions of the pit. Neither one of our pit pumps would run (there’s another long story beyond that) so we were in scramble mode to get another pump retrofitted and in service.  We were over 100% on the level indicator, but we made some manual measurements of the pit depth, level of sulfur, and assumed height of the pit and ‘calculated’ how long we had before we needed to pull the plug on the feed.  Unfortunately, we were off on our calcs by about 12 hours.  I happened to notice sulfur oozing up through the roof of the pit around the steam coil piping and notified the operators.  It was a rather embarrasing day, to say the least. 

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