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Charles Randall

< 3 UPdates for NA Shutdowns Table>
North American Planned, Unplanned Refinery Shutdowns (Table)
 (New York)
By Robert Tuttle
     July 22, 2008 (Bloomberg) —  a table of scheduled and unplanned 
     Shutdown Type: P: Planned, U: Unplanned, N: Non-maintenance

Refinery                                     Refinery                          
Owner                  Shutdown              Capacity                          
Location                 Type    Period        b/d     Notes                   
New Information:

Exxon Mobil Joliet         P     Aug, 08      240,000  SRU shuts for           
Exxon Mobil Corp                   to                  maintenance.            
Illinois, U.S.                   Oct, 08                                       

Shell Deer Park            N     Jul 17, 08   340,000  FCC rates reduced after 
Royal Dutch Shell                  to                  power disruption. Restart
PLC, Petroleos                   Jul 19, 08            confirmed.              
Texas, U.S.                                                                    

BP Toledo                  P     Jul 15, 08   155,000  Hydrocracker, reformer  
BP PLC                             to                  shut for maintenance.   
Ohio, U.S.                       Sep 04, 08                   

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