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Joshua Lege

It seems that they arent so much gearing up as they are trying to complete what they had started… My new information is that they are going to put all large vessels in place.  The large cranes they have rented will be utilized to put them in place due to the long wait they would have to incur to get them back at the facility.  I also was informed that the cost of the laydown yards that Motiva has rented is costing them tons. And they have tons of them all over the place, more than I previously thought.  Also it seems they have stopped hiring new operators and the operators that were just recently hired are being used in strange ways, or soon will be used as maintance helpers very soon by the companys needs or a union negotiated agreement.  And Motiva is still searching for answers of where all the money that was in the contractors hands went.  But it should be known that the large towers and vessels will be erected but piping will be done at a later date not known at this time.  But the look from the highway or  casual observer seems like they are banging away. This cant be farther from the truth… it was told to me its taking everything they have to do what they can and control costs while having the ability to finish if and when funding real funding is approved again…. Now funding a small amount at that was approved and recieved but it was to keep the project moving forward on the erection of towers and not on piping or other structures.
Hope this brings a few of us up to speed on the project as it stands right now

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