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Charles Randall

RE: Manchesterrutd81 question:
Your observations around Port Arthur project activity pretty much track what I posted on these projects in coker/refinery news sections – so its good to have the confirmation.  And it is only smart of  the refiners to adjust their schedules to a more cost effective approach that meets their timelines instead of one that was driven basically by when they could get enough workers & concentrating the activity because of past shortage of materials, manpower & equipment due to large number of competing projects.  I tend to think this is good development that benifits the plant & area workers instead of outsourced imported workers……also tends add better level safety & quality to work.
RE: Jamesnotch101 question:
Turnarounds tend go the opposite way in the kind of environment we currently have….. When refinery economics are poor and demand is low, most refineries take shutdowns earlier & for longer periods of time to escape the rapid drop in prices (aka like trying catch falling knife), negative margins, and keep from building inventory during low demand periods. If you dont take S/D eventually the inventory build will just make you take a downtime during the ramp up stage when spring demand starts back up and is worse option.
Hope these help.

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