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Analyze the shavings and see if they are carbon steel.  If there is a lot of piping fabbed up to mount the launchers at ground level they will be scored very easily, between the appendages and piping the shavings will look like a lot more than they actually are.
Talk with the pigging company and let them know your concerns.  If it is DDT let them know you dont want any tungsten appendages used after a set diameter (the ddt appendages stick out past the pig body so they will cause scoring before full ID is reached).  If it is eveready it is purely operator error as the appendages they use are much safer (but dont work nearly as well).
DDT has the most versatile system but if used improperly is the easiest to damage pipe with.  Make sure you know the actual ID of the tubes, if there have been replacements check what went in and let the pigging company know. 
DDT has the most experienced crews in North America,  Eveready has lost most of the Pinnacle guys. 
I worked in the industry for 12 years for all the major players in north and south america but no longer have any connection (other than drinking beer and telling lies about the old days)

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