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RE: MAP Detroit Refinery & Coker Project delayed

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Charles Randall

Don’t get lost in wrong nomenclature here – if Cattlesburg Coker wasn’t past the conceptual / feasibility stage it would not have made it into the MAP Long Range plan PDF that Claus just linked you into.
The Detroit & Garyville projects got fast forwarded ahead of the Cattlesburg since the timing for thier coker projects have more immediate to crude supplies and as in lot refining companies the big sticker shock of 2-3X the project cost made it necessary for nearly all refineries to push timing off on original plans.
There have been no announcements from MAP canceling the Cattlesburg coker & last mention was ~June 2008. But several Asphalt & Bunker market reports concerned about decreasing yield still show it along with other asphalt refineries at risk for reduced production due to coking projects. And it has also been on lot CA Oil Sands coker projections for US new additions since this 2006 LRP from MAP, along with lot other projects that were pushed back (COP Ferndale) like it was and along with lot “stealth” projects that may be able take CA Bitumen crudes without coker projects (MAP Robinson, COP Alliance, ect).
I believe most Coker projects not in EPC stage now will be pushed into the next cycle as margin/coker economics trail off, but there are still a substantial number that will finish up the current 2006-2011 cycle, with 2011 being bridge to the new cycle 2012-2016. This was ~ pattern for the 1999-2004 cycle with 2005 ~ bridge to a new coker 2006 cycle.

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