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Charles Randall

Here is good article about return of Jobs to US from China. Unfortunately it focuses on aspect of more productive US workers and higher quality product made cheaper as reason (and for this American furniture factory example perhaps it is most of it) but ….. perhaps bigger reason is that once China is held accountable for unfair advantages like currency manipulation, Export curbs and subsidy, lack private company ownership, pollution control and other WTO requirements all reasons that the American jobs & factories left (stolen perhaps?) disappear also.

You have to wonder at this story revelation occurring at same time as China being forced to abide by WTO and world rules the same as Western Countries: like the sanctions of China company for buying sanctioned Iran oil, Global push for China to stop fixing/manipulating currency, push for pollution control and regulation of contaminated and unsafe products, and subsidizing / curbing exports to leverage prices as in this months WTO ruling on China Rare Earths appeal.

This is real story – when the free trade is held to WTO fair trade regulations much of China advantage disappears and will become real advantage for China as damaging explosive growth stops destroying both environment and quality of life for average worker in China as well as improve its domestic market gains.

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