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Charles Randall

Here is recent news post by Reuters of East Coast Refinery closures – I posted comment at site & would encourage Refiners to start feeding back so the news guys can hear from someone other than Liberal Enverionmental types!

<Charlie 3/22/12 Reuters site posted Comment ( )>:

Why isnt media & experts calling out these headline grabbing politicians who are soley responsible for the closure of these refineries by allowing liberal environmentalist to push Liberal EPA into overloading ageing Refineries with regulations & fines until they collapse economically? The newest US Refinery was built 1975 and these groups havent allowed new one since – average age is now 65-80 years on most refinery & only 7 states are producing 75% US gas/diesel. The recent Low Sulfur regulation on Heating Oil (which 40% the East Coast Refineries product) was killing blow to them – it could be reversed. Only after they kill refinery do they realize huge Tax Contribution, Job & Wage contribution & huge area Fuel Price increase – EC deserves $9/gal gas (like EU pays) like its idiot cousin California on West Coast who always pays $1/gal premium for same reasons.These guys need be ran out office because A) they were too stupid see dots or B) they are owned by Environmentalist at expense of average taxpayer

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