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RE: Karamay Petrochemical Kicks off Coking Project

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Charles Randall

The CNPC Karamay Petchem renovated an existing 1.5 million tpy coker in 2004. It looks like it will now add a new 1 million tpy coker by end of 2011.  I first started tracking the new coking unit and its renovated coker at end of 2005.
Officially – I only see two Kelamayi coking refineries in Xinjiang Region one for CNPC/PetroChina (~290 kmtpy petcoke – batch anode & fuel) and Independent one for Kelamayi Refining (~200 kmtpy petcoke – anode). Also No one seems to have the Karamay Petchem on their China expansion or project list for 2005-2009 periods. (Although both OGJ Worldwide (2005) & the Sinopec Engineering did carry it on their construction updates as revamp).
Was this at one time another independent or CNPC Petchem that was renamed or restarted in 2004 and did not make the Chinese coker or project list?
 I remember that Karamay Petchem folks presented a paper on their Heavy Oil coking technology where they did something crazy like cut out atmos tower so they could destruct the Naphathenic acids in coker … or something along those lines. The whole plant is puzzle to me since no one seems list it or its coker officially…. although it was followed in construction and few updates as I mentioned above.

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