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RE: Japan Crisis Renews US debate on Nuclear power – unfounded weapon for Liberals

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Charles Randall

Here is update on Liberals making an unfounded weapon against US nuke’s from Japan’s Nuke disaster. Ever notice all Liberals/Environmentalist start run with any sort Nuke crisis as excuse to close down the small gains US has made to promote future plants as alternate power source?
Previously it was one very few things in Energy Obama & Chu got right! But it wasn’t strong support more a concession for gains on Solar & Wind – both unreliable incremental power sources. It is likely they will cave to Liberals using cherry picked facts/data as usually to present to “green” Democratic politicians to help stampede uninformed public to put choke back on Nuke development & re-permiting. Until the Pacific Northwest (California) power crisis these same idiots were blocking Hydro power dams from extending their 30-40 year permits to let the “fish go free” on both the East & West coast. The true supply danger and cost impacts to John Q public quickly stopped the damn breaking spree – we can only hope something along same lines stop this stupid rush judgment on Nuclear power.
There is very good journalistic paper trail out there that the  plant having meltdown problems has history of bad safety practice & buying off government to keep info out press & keep operating. (Along lines BP & Gulf – one bad company does not mean you need a referendum on whole industry….. unless you’re a liberal NIMBY that wants to kill that industry of course.)
The US has over 103 nuclear plants several like Vermont in article, merely need re-permit’s to start up and supply non-emission power cheaply to US grids. Most were forced down by over-regulated safety cost, fear publicity like they are trying start with Japan or Endless Environmental lawsuits that delayed operation & caused bankruptcy.
All this crap they put out about Nuclear waste is hype – storing the waste is only temporary, most of US type reactors are “Breeder” reactors which can also use the waste as fuel when cost gets high enough. Currently nearly half the worlds Nuclear fuel (~180 MM lb./yr.) comes from existing mines (60-80 MM lb./yr.) but the rest was supplied from decommissioned US & Russian nukes until 2008. The Russians were selling it at $7-50/lb. U308 until 2006 but ramped up to todays $90-180/lb., whereas the cost for getting it from new mine would cost +$250/lb. U308 (like Uranium One – new mine in planning). The Chinese (25 new Rx by 2015) and Russians (30 new Rx by 2015) future demand resulted in them stopping sales (since stockpiles were nearly gone anyway) ~2008. However current Obama talks decommissioning US & Russian missiles may help the supply picture out again. 
Some the most rabid environmental countries like France have very successful Nuclear power programs & its obvious China & Russia are moving rapidly towards this end – why does the US continue to let a minority elite liberal group control the direction for all of US on Energy industry they no nothing about??? It goes beyond stupid that we all let this happen just because of linked front they have from their power base in areas of Environmental/Entertainment/Media/University that push unfounded agenda to Liberal democratic politicians who get propaganda level coverage form a predominant liberal Media. 
Serria Club/National Resource Defense Council/Argon Laboratories – all the other pseudonyms of green tree hugging Nimbi’s need to be hit with frivolous lawsuits and purgery for their attacks on all Energy industries they allow to proceed anywhere else in world but the US. The Media like CNN, New York Times, ABC/NBC/CBS – need to be exposed as the Liberal Propaganda machines they are and not the objective opposite of FOX as they try to portray. We need to take back standards for US University professors where any student presenting conservative view or stance risk harsh consequence & open minded students are brainwashed to a liberal viewpoint.
You want to know what is wrong with our economy – look at this article & what is going on in rest of world. We have lost jobs because the Liberals don’t really care about GHG or Environment their goal is Wealth Redistribution to poorer countries. They have never opposed the Energy opportunities they block in the US in any of their pet Communistic based Undeveloped Countries and even warp WTO and Kyoto agreements to let them go unchecked.

The Nuke Power Industry isn’t that far from Oil Energy Industry & they are being destroyed by same folks it is just time for us to start throwing the political pawns & their privileged elite organizations out.

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