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Rony Melo

Don’t Worry spana2005, I’m Brazilian and my English it’s so far to be good(and I’m the guest user above ).
I have one book “Petroleum Refinery distillation” and have one chapter that discusses about coking fractionator. This book does some assumptions that seems so different to me. They are:
1 There is no external recycle from condenser to top tray, unless it has steam condense in this tray, in this case some reflux it’s necessary to lower water pressure vapour.
2 There is no internal reflux from tray where is sidestream of LCGO to tray below.
3 There is no internal reflux from tray where is sidestram of HCGO to tray below.
4 The same assumption above was made to tray above grid section.

Are assumptions acceptable to make a computer operator simulation?

I have another question. How is the device that stripped de LCGO, a simple flash device(one stage)?

Sorry, but I’m Chemical Engineering student and some informations about this equipment is so difficult.
My e-mail is : to send anything about coking. Much more is better.[:D]

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