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RE: India HPCL-Mittal JV Bhatinda Coking Refinery Operational

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Charles Randall

Here is update on HPCL-Mittals JV Bhatinda Coking refinery -says Grassroots refinery is now fully operational. <Note as article mentions sometimes this JV grassroots refinery/coker is also refered to as GGSR = Guru Gobind Singh Oil Refinery at Bathinda Punjab>
There is not a lot difference from earlier Nov 2011 news about the refineries commissioning – and although it doesn’t mention new coker (CBI-Lummus License) it does verify plants first petcoke solid fuel sales occurred in Feb 2012.
The 9MM mtpy/180MBD crude HMEL (Hpcl-Mittal) JV Bathinda Coking Refinery was on schedule with its expected operations/commissioning by Mar 31, 2011 however the plant began some crude processing as early as Aug 2011 when crude & vacuum units completed, and was nearly operational by Nov 2011. It was said to be over 92% complete on construction phase in Dec 2010 – which included the 18-25 MBD (0.9MM mtpy capacity) new delayed coking unit.
The first letter of intent on this refinery was back in Apr 1996 and after over a decade of financial proposals and wrestling with the government over a 15 year tax break (reversed at one point and still in discussion although other competitors have received similar tax breaks). The two parties started construction on the project in Nov 14, 2007 and finshed construction/commissioning in the Aug 2011-Mar 2012 time frame.

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