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RE: Idled Angry Steelworkers Rally Take back America

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Charles Randall

Here is dramatic demonstration on what is wrong with US manufacturing – trade practices that are anything but fair. And the Steel industry has correctly identified the problem – US Congress that allows the “unfairness to exist”.
The US Steel Industry has had brutal lessons in trying to compete fairly with subsidized countries & the lack of support from its US Government to level the trading floor. I would hasten to add that the problem has been greatly agrivated by the crushing burden of Environmental legislation & cost that are not born by other countries that are susposed to also be part of the WTO but have been expempted and are now among the worlds leader in pollution.
The US Oil industry will soon feel the pressures that eventually bankrupted 21 US Steel Companies as China & India point heavily subsidized cost and transportation for Oil Refinery products at the US Market during a period of low demand and increasing cost being put forward with Carbon Tax & Emission Caps and deminished supply as offshore drilling trying to be revoked & more federal land placed off base for exploration.
Unless Oil Industry wants to join the ranks of the Idled Steel workers they should be joining thier voices to the Congress about “Made in America”, Counter Tariffs for Countries doing illegal subsidies like China.

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