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RE: Iceland's 2nd Volcano Erupts – Cold Wave ties?

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I had this & forgot about it – ties in with first volcano eruption & potential Global Cold wave based on several overlapping events………both volcanoes was one major points & looks like that shoe already dropped.
Course it was less noticed because ash was heavier, dropped sooner & winds did not blow it into Europe Airplane flight-paths to shutdown airports like last time.
Iceland’s most active volcano has started erupting – AP
May 21, 2011 AP – Iceland’s most active and feared volcano has started erupted, according to AP reports – within the Environment forums. Some information can be seen below. Subglacial …
According to reuters Grimsvotn erupts quite regularly….

Iceland Volcano Eruption Continues, Volcanic Ash May hit UK,France, Spain
May 23, 2011 – Planetsave 

The Grimsvotn volcano continues to erupt at the same levels as it has since Saturday, the eruption is reportedly “much bigger and more intensive” than Eyjafjallajkull eruption last year and 10 times bigger than Grimvotn’s eruption in 2004. However, it is not expected to have nearly the same effect on air traffic as the Eyjafjallajkull eruption (and the 2004 Gromsvotn eruption had little effect). Why?
For one, the volcanic ash is apparently heavier, which makes it fall to the ground faster (spread less). Secondly, the air patterns are more changeable and the ash is less likely to be blown into Europe as much as Eyjafjallajkull’s ash was. And thirdly, the aviation industry has updated its volcanic ash safety procedures and requirements for such events since last year and should cut down on the impact to flights tremendously even if ash does fly into Europe.
Based on current 5-day weather forecasts, experts predict that volcanic ash could spread to the UK by Thursday (and, subsequently. other European countries like France and Spain). However, the current forecasts are very uncertain, and no one has much certainty about what will happen.
Iceland has cancelled all domestic flights and about 40 international flights, but flight bans could be lifted soon if the eruption slows down and volcanic ash doesn’t hang around.
Air traffic is not expected to be as affected by this eruption even if volcanic ash spreads largely because of updates to volcanic ash guidelines in the airline industry. “Under previous guidelines, aeroplanes were summarily grounded if there was any volcanic ash in the air,” the Guardian writes. “Now, airlines can fly through ash plumes if they have a safety case demonstrating that their fleets can handle medium or high-level densities of ash.”
Again, I’ll keep you updated with any major news as it comes in.  Information retrieved from various sources.
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No impact from Icelandic volcano for now-Eurocontrol
Europe’s air traffic controlorganisation said on Sunday it expected no impact on European ortransatlantic flights from an Icelandic volcano eruption for atleast 24 hours.
BRUSSELS, May 22, 2011 (Reuters) – Europe’s air traffic control organisation said on Sunday it expected no impact on European or transatlantic flights from an Icelandic volcano eruption for at least 24 hours.
Eurocontrol said it was monitoring the situation as a plume of ash from the Grimsvotn volcano drifted towards the northeast.
“There is currently no impact on European or transatlantic flights and the situation is expected to remain so for the next 24 hours,” Eurocontrol said in a statement.
“Aircraft operators are constantly being kept informed of the evolving situation,” the Brussels-based organisation said.
Iceland’s most active volcano erupted on Saturday, forcing the closure of the country’s main airport. [ID:nLDE74L05A] (Reporting by Christopher Le Coq)

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