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RE: Hyperion Refinery Foe's take case SDakota Supreme Court

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Charles Randall

Here is update on yet another stall by environmentalist on the Hyperion Refinery (& Coker) for S Dakota. This is not the 6th year this grassroots refinery has been going for a permit that EPA had no problems with, the local & state residence are in favor of and region desperatly needs to supply local markets SDakota is another one of the 39 states that have little to no refining plants currently.

The plant has won its case court after court trial & is not at State Court Supreme level – Hyperion is one of two new grassroots refineries that have been deadlocked by environmentalist since 2006 where everyone but liberal extreme environmentalist have continued deadlocks that have prevented US from building ANY new plants since 1975. The average age of US refineries stand at 65-80 years with some like BP Lima & Whiting at +100 years old – the youngest is MAP Garyville which turns 37 this year.

This type of obstrucitonist needs to be put down hard & should become target of “Frivolous Lawsuit” and these groups fined enough to make them think twice about future efforts. Otherwise its slot machine where eventually Major (like COP, XOM or BP) has pay off $MM in “Green Mail” to go forward – they currently have no downside. It is part of continuing effort by these groups to eleminate fossil fuels at the expense of the US taxpayer and expose entire US transportation system to risk & Europe level $9/gal cost to justify uneconomic alternatives.

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