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Charles Randall

There is an earlier Post on Bakken Oil find that has similar information and while I agree Snopes is good way to crosscheck and get sort between fiction & real news items, I think you have to “Consider the Source” in this case for its conclusion.
Snoopes is using the USGS study you mentioned – which is the usual extremely conserative government hedge on recoverable reserve size and always use older/conventional recovery technology and so I do not consider it anything more than a minimum for same reason the 500B is probably a maximum.
Using enhanced secondary oil recovery type technology along with CO2 flooding (a likely case given the potential to use this byproduct from Gasification/Enhanced recovery of the Oil Shale reserves – and which also address it as one of the barriers for developing them). You will note that EIA study & earlier USGS findings had to be increased by 25X factor just to get to current min estimates ….. because they had hugely over-discounted this field.
Additionally the negative view on Oil Shale in second part is from the 2005 Rand study & Bartis definitely leans towards environmentalist feelings that fossil fuels like this shouldnt be developed. Pure Environmentalist BS in my opinion. Nothing Oil industry uses as much water as Ethanol yet not one word is thrown against its unnecessary production. I will take US Clean Gasification technology over China Coal Plant technology any day & no one is stopping China from putting more polluting plants on every week.
The truth on this field (similar to 400Billion Bbls Oil Sands California & +400Billion Bbls Heavy Crude Texas & +???Billion Bbls Offshore US fields) comes down
to are you really Oil Industry trying to find more US crude or are you one Stupid Environmentalist trying to stop any fossil fuel development and force US into some stupid “Green” solution that we dont have the technology for & will never generate the volume of base support to maintain current standard of living. It would help if there weren’t over 30 parasite states who depend on few states to provide all thier energy while they just pass stupid laws to try to prevent it. 

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