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Charles Randall

It did not indicate the obvious on this news item ….. but these asphalt volcanoes are also indicating large reserves of heavy/asphaltic or Bitumen crudes off-shore of California (and USGC). As I indicated earlier there is large amount of oil & gas seepage that all environmentalist would have you believe that come from evil oil industry but have been part of natural earth cycle for thousands of years. This article of course tries to discount the asphalt & heavy crude of being little value vs sweet WTI type – obvious due environmental & spill approach to the discovey.
I have also posted earlier accounts of Nat Gas Hydrates (Ice that Burns) that exist all along US & EU coastal regions from the seepage of Nat Gas deep in ocean that froms water hydrates & slides/disturbance releases CH4 & CO2 hydrated there (which is more likely cause of release article talks about).  These too are indications of large NG reserves (mentioned you can overlay the US Navy charts on Hydrates vs existing known NG reserves & they map out quite well) – but problems have always been of drilling among Hydrates without trigger release of CH4. I believe answer is in Refinery/Pipline industry that often uses chemicals to prevent/remove Hydrate formation – little R&D efforts would open huge resources (&/or allow mining) extensive Hydrate formations that also could be economical way transport of NG vs the LNG expensive option.

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