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Charles Randall

Petcoke used lot in CFB’s as either fuel or co-fuel (mix with coal). Also Paper & Pulf industry and in Lime kilns for fuel. So can find lot reference information in these areas for Boiler applications. But dont go running off looking for number to put in design application without understanding the fuel or what it means to process

Because wide range of Petcoke properties for Hardness, Volatiles, Moisture, Sulfur & metals – need to know source/region/type or specification range trying to go for (and need for scrubbing as well as getting unburnt carbon out ash which hinders sale to road, lime & cement industries). Should always look at co-firing petcoke & coal because fi you design for just one in specifications you often lock out future use of the other (ie Coal Ash is up 20wt% whereas Petcoke is less 1%, Coal sulfur is 1-5wt% whereas Petcoke is 3-7wt%, Coal HGI is often below 60 whereas Petcoke can be HGI 19-55).

Here are some quick general references on design/quality info Petcoke Fuel applications:

JEA – Large Scale CFB application Petcoke (FPL) very comprehensive DOE recap 2005 study

Also some good applications/cost study/details using existing equipment from these PDF’s:

Since most Ash from Boilers is from Coal firing – lot applications Fly Ash from then sold into Road/Cement/ect limits ability petcoke
to fit in these markets because minerals (SiO2/Al2O3/TiO2/Fe2O3) in ash for coal are in wt% level but petcoke is parts million level.
Here is (search more recent petcoke/design guys made lot inroads petcoke ash use since then) 1999 Agremax look at CFB Fly Ash Construction applications help show impact minerals/carbon ect and some alternates.

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