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RE: FW wins contract for Repsol Cartagena Coker

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Charles Randall

Todays announcement on FW contract for Repsol Cartagena coker – and reference to previous Petronor’s Coker in Spain at Somorrostro (Balbao?) Spain.
<Spain has three other new coker projects as well- CEPSA at Hevula, BP Castellon and Repsol at Bilbo.>
Notice the new (~2H2007) FW bragging rights:  FW SYDEC Technology on 80 new cokers and worked on more 70 delayed coker revamps, which replaced earlier +50 cokers in last 50 years in 27 countries & more 20 last 5-6 years.  Several of the revamps might include expansions that added new coking units that are also in the 80 new cokers and several revamps must now include coke drum replacements that were once on 50 FW license list.
But the jump from 50 cokers in ~2005 or FH2006 to 80 cokers in 2H 2007 reflect picking up 30 license on new coke projects / expansions worldwide. <I only see about 15-18 for announced FW license on EPC & Planning stage cokers but information release is slow on new +17 China cokers & some West EU addition /revamps and I expect the total now might accounts for some pre-1981 cokers.>

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