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RE: Fw: Update – CCRL Coking Refinery Expansion $1.9 B approved by board

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Charles Randall

Good Question my “dashing” cohert! Perhaps one of our friends from CCRL will jump in and help us out with fuller picture of change but CCRL has one of those sites that have good description of history of refinery & its changes (at least to current update ~2006 frame).
But re-read news & my comments – the refinery capacity is going to 130 MBD capacity, my comments indicate I believe most of the additional 30 MBD DilBit crude will come from New Grade but never indicated that New Grade is supplying the full 130 MBD refinery charge.
And I do not believe that New Grade has ever supplied 100% of the refinery supply for CCRL and it still wont after this expansion (especially since the refinery is adding an FCC and other units as debottlenecking step).  But because CCRL will now own 100% the overall ability to gain additional “tweaks” should be improved.
Now it is my understanding that prior to 2003 the rate of CCRL refinery with New Grade (online ~1988?) grew to about 55 MBD. I believe the refinery capacity jumped from ~28 MBD to 50 MBD when the New Grade came online in late 80’s which would suggest an initial capacity of 22 MBD. Around 2003 upgrades to refinery & New Grade produced a 30MBD expansion in capacity to total of 85-90 MBD (this would suggest the refinery at 90 MBD capacity and New Grade supplying 52 MBD of DilBit/SynDilBit or Syncrude). But the refiners found ways of “tweaking” that limit (seems to be trait shared by race car drivers and refiners/coker operations – going to max and pushing it) to around 100 MBD and re-rated the capapcity there – which is what it shows today as you pointed out. (So if we add the “tweaking” capacity as DilBit crude out of New Grade it would be at 62 MBD)
The next stage is another 30 MBD expansion which adds the FCC unit and other debottlenecking steps to increase the gasoline and diesel production. The purchase of the additional 50% of New Grade for $400 MM occured at the same time as this expansion so the opportunity for debottlenecking between Refinery and Upgrader could be enhanced as well. Other news articles have indicated the additional 30 MBD should be heavy crude from New Grade.
Hope this helps.

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