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Additionally to the model of the valve, also there are other parameters for a good design of these systems, for example the distribution header to the heater/furnaces, which can totally be symmetrical or a distribution pipe (it is feeding you (each) pass as the fluid is pass  through of this header).
We have had in our units both systems, being the best the symmetrical;  in the other system we have observed that in  pass 1 and 4 (lateral pass) have a tendency to present/display obstruction (the last tube has shown greater uncontrol; this it is the tube located at the end of  header), to avoid this We implement a pulse that causes that  opens to these valves 10 to 15 % by a few seconds so that the deposited solid trip through the pass, this has given good result (is made once per week)
– We´ve been installed  rotary eccentric plug valve and  have operated pretty well, since they allow a greater passage of particles, of course this also is going to depend in which position are working (percentage of opening)
I sorry for my english

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