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RE: Function of Main column bottom filter

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Generally when the people  design this system they  conceived to operate one week without them and for that reason this system only have one pump installed in the field (commonly)
If the operation of the unit is stable and during the switch of the drums and stripping you dont send  too many coke to the bottom of the fraccionator, this  would avoid that the coke strainer (inside of the fract ) in the  suction line to the heater  pump, begin to plugg with coke, in other words;  while you don’t see any problems by the NPSH of the pumps you can  kept operative the unit
We have had this problem of plugging  due to the emergency valve (butterfly) in this line . Since if you observe these valves internally a line of 6 inches It turns in o almost of 3 inches due to the internal configuration
We running  the unit monitoring  the pressure in  the suction and realizing thermography  to the wall of the fraccionator, in order to  seeing the level of coke until I stop the unit for his repair (around 3 months)

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