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RE: Frontier El Dorado Coker Exp delayed July/Finish Oct?

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Charles Randall

Most of the Petcoke publications for July (~June operations/coke market) did not indicate any changes to the Frontier/El Dorado coking operation and its still early for August reports (July actuals). But anything is possible.
However lot of refineries limp into a shutdown & this one has been postponed for 3 months so I doubt they would push the units harder on the tail end of run if they are going to try to make it until October.  Also the expansion indicates they are going to be expanding both the GasOil Hydrotreater & FCC in 2009 right after they bump the coker capacity by 4 MBD.  This would indicate to me they have some downstream capacity constraints to remove before they can take full switch to heavier crude slate change and fully utilize the coker.
Any significant increase in heavier crudes to El Dorado would likely end up in the coker & show up in the petcoke. Given current level of sulfur in petcoke, the existing customers would not likely take this type HS petcoke and it would be too early yet for their to be enough volume to place it as separate sale.
I would appreciate feedback if anyone in petcoke market or at Frontier has info otherwise.
Hope this helps. Regards

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