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RE: Frontier Cheyenne Coker Expansion

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It was sort of an update on the coker expansion and went along with the Frontier crude expansion going on at El Dorado (must have been posted on the refinery section).
As far as what the market thinks – If I was Frontier I wouldnt give a flip, I would just take my profits from running the heavier crude and plan on the next expasion.  There is lots of new Canadian crude coming into the Midwest as the numerous P/L’s complete and bring the blended & synthetic crude as far as Cushing Oklahoma distribution system, or into heart of  Midwest, East Coast & upper Gulf Coast refineries that the Heavy oil upgraders have been targeting for last 5-10 years.
The driver is of course making more light oil products instead of asphalt, from the heaviest (and hence a much discounted) crude charge at a time when the US Refining industry is prevented from expansion and must get peak demand shortfalls with expensive import from less complex refineries.

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