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RE: Food Industry pushes Congress rules against Speculators

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Charles Randall

<Update on Texas Gov request waive ETOH blending to help TX Beef industry – Postpones of course, we didnt really expect these Congress do nothing turkeys to acually do thier job on these Crisis elements did you? Being fair – this probably needs be new Presidents decision & also majority Democrats won’t give up “Greenie” application until a revolution actually happens. So…when in doubt vote them out – all of them both sides I’m thinking! – CER>
EPA Postpones Decision on Texas Request to Ease Ethanol in Fuel
(New York) By Jim Efstathiou Jr.

     July 22, 2008 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency delayed deciding whether to ease rules requiring more
ethanol in automotive fuel while it studies the economic impact
of higher biofuel use.
     A ruling on a request by Texas Governor Rick Perry had been
expected Thursday, EPA spokesman Jonathan Shradar said. Perry,
backed by at least 26 senators and 51 representatives, is seeking
to halve a U.S. requirement to produce 9 billion gallons of
ethanol this year.
     Using corn-based ethanol as a fuel additive is straining
grain supplies and raising costs for human and animal food, Perry
said. The EPA will rule on the waiver request in early August
Shradar said.
     “There’s a lot of analysis that has to go into this initial
waiver request because it sets the tone for any future waiver
requests,” Shradar said in an interview. “The administrator is
confident it can be done in early August.”

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