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Charles Randall

Reliable? RELIABLE? Dont be throwing this types words at the guys on this blogg – you want to ask how confident they are about the information or how sure the lead is…ok. You want to ask reliable then drag your cheap butt to someone in industry & pay for a confirmation.  Most of these guys are doing the work of 2 guys in todays downsized industry and they make the time to share information here – we get too many more your type & we will close it down for members only.
This sounds fairly legit to me – Flint Hills has delayed their coke drum replacement close to 4 times now since the end 2007 (see previous thread dicussion) until 1Q2009 now and will be replacing all 6 drums & coker island with larger, new coke drums.
 You can go check Foster Wheelers 2006 news release on them & fly over – the drums are already on the  ground I understand. I do not believe this coker increase was ever going to get them the full +50MBD crude charge since they were running 100% CA Bitument crudes on coker at 12 hr cycles, so it makes sense that they would have 2 drum addition for 2009 in part of the $320 MM expansion project. But FW has confidential agreement & hasn’t put out news release so it is doubtful your going to get it confirmed (butthead) as “reliable”.
And lets face it Koch/Flint Hills is private refinery that likes to play “hold-em” with its plans compared to public refining companies. There is good chance whoever said this took personal risk to make the comment – so go fish it on your own because talking to folks with secrecy agreements is one sided street.
Course…….. it could also be someone “confused” about the coke drum replacement project & they are talking about first pair of 6 drum replacement. <I am betting they aren’t, but then I am tracking over 85 coker projects & getting little batty changing status & details on all of them>.

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