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This is a very sad knews… I am praying for everybody involved.. Please do so too
Does anybody have any idea what could have gone wrong?
Four injured after explosion at oilsands facility

Thick black smoke and flames can be seen in this still image taken from video of the explosion and fire at the Horizon Oilsands facility in Fort McMurray on Thursday January 6, 2011.

A fire broke out after an explosion at this oilsands facility north of Fort McMurray Thursday afternoon. Supplied.
Updated: Fri Jan. 07 2011 08:47:04
Four people were injured after an explosion at the Horizon Oil Sands facility located about 70 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. The explosion and fire occurred around 3:30 p.m. Thursday.
According to a news release by Canadian Natural Resources Limited, owners of the facility, the fire is contained to the coker area. Occupational Health and Safety say the explosion and subsequent fire broke out in the primary upgrader, which had to be evacuated.
One eyewitness reported seeing flames shooting up high above the facility just a few minutes after the explosion.
Four injuries were reported at the scene. Three individual were transported to hospital in Fort McMurray, all in stable condition. Another person was treated on-site and released.
Oil production at the facility has been shut down, with no indication when it will resume.
There is no word at this point what caused the explosion. Officials say an investigation will start once it’s safe to enter the plant.

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