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RE: Fire extinguision system



Industrial Fire World has an article on how one refinery coker upgraded their switch decks and cutting decks with firewater moniotrs.  We are in the design process of a new delayed coker and have provided automatic deluge waterspray to cover both the plan areas of the Cutting Deck ans Switch Decks.  Each is a separate system specifically design for 0.3 USgpm/ft2 plan area.  The Cutting Deck required the installation of a booster pump to meet the residual flow pressure at the elevation of the Cutting Deck.  Our firewater system is able to meet the residual flow pressure requiements at the Switch Deck.  The flow hydraulics need to be carefully analyzed to make sure the flow and pressures are met.  We have also provided the option of supplying foam through 3x5inch Storz connections at both the Cutting Deck’s deluge valve system piping and the Switch Deck’s deluge valve system piping.  The use of our fire pumper trucks will provide the foam into the deluge piping systems.  Also, the decks deluge nozzles are those specifically approved (FM & UL) for water or foam applications.  Another key item to include is the ability to drain away the large flow of water either deluge system will flow onto the deck.  specific drainage downcomers need to be provided.  Our deluge systems will be automatically activated by any 2 of several optical fire-eyes located at each deck.  the requirement for 2 of several is to help prevent spurious trips.  Use of pneumatic pilot heads was considered infeasible due to the large number of such heads that would be required at each deck and all the air system piping and maintenance.

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