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I’m seeing bigger problems with that… For example, if you assume a system with 100,000 gallons of solution containing 20000ppmw of anions, you have about 16000 pounds of anions. To get out of the corrosive range you would want to remove about three quarters of the anions, or 12,000 pounds.

If you figure the nominal loaing is about 0.5 pounds of anion per pound of resin, you’ll need about 240,000 pounds of resin at a cost of over $2 million. Since the resin is not being regenerated, you’d probably be better off using the cash itself as the filter aid. 😉

On top of the cost factor, the resin is normally supplied in the choride form, so you’d replace the heat stable salt anions with choride anions which would cause even bigger problems from cracking and corrosion.

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