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RE: Explosion Rocks/Guts Taiwan's Kaohsiung Coking Refinery

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Charles Randall

Here is fire/explosion update on Taiwan CPC Kaohsiung Coking Refinery. The Refinery already had plans to decommission 5 units (2 Vac units/Coker/Naphtha-RFCC /GO HDS) by 2012 & plant by 2015 (news item 08/31/2010 + updates) – as part of agreement 20 years ago for expanding a Chemical Plant there (Butadiene=Tire Rubber mfg) – some damage to Butadiene plant Storage in the explosion/fire.
The Kaohsiung Refinery is described as being “Gutted” and losses are estimated at $NT50MM($US 1.69 MM) and the city has slapped CPC with $NT 1MM fine for the safety hazard the fire represents. The plant has history of release & environmental problems.

There had been some articles about relocating the named equipment from Kaohsiung this year. CPC operates 3 refineries in Taiwan for total of 720MBD, and only coker (15 MBD) FW Coker License/Tech ( ? ) and RFCC Design 2009 – outside of the Formosa Petrochemical plants 36MBD cokers (2 units).
Another news alert (AsiaOne) had picture Kaohsiung fire ( )
The China Post/Asia News Network
Saturday, Apr 07, 2012

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