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It depends on which valves are you speaking; for example the first valves that you  have  take  care in their selection are the control  valve to the heater because those are going to work with high delta P and  solids also their bypass ;  since those can generated  high vibration when they are used, some units design that bypass with the same control valve or they install  robust valves, since in some units they have generated leak and  fires
The other valves are the called switch valves and valves SP-6 (entry of the coke drums), as well as the valves associated to the top of coke drums Sp-1/2/3  and those that go towards to the blowdown system. Exist several companies that offer very good designs  for example Velan company (they offer ball valve (switch and SP-6/1/2 and  ring valve  (SP-3)) . In the past these valve were gate or wedge pulg valve
You can find more information in the old discussion forum,and also from the sponsoring of this forum

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