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Charles Randall

Sorry, (Knew it was too good to be true.)  This turned out to be only partially true on few items, wrong on some (remote entry) & miss understanding on others. Check out Snopes report (good place crosscheck reports like this) cell phone one:


Snopes Results for 5 Things Cell Phone Could Do:
Item 1) 112 only true some parts world – mostly Europe and does not enable use in blocked areas.
Item 2) Remote unlock doesn’t work at all
Item 3) *3370 Misunderstanding of option on some brands (Nokia) for Half rate codec but on *4720# which only helps battery at expense of lower sound quality.
Item 4) 15 string ID only works some types but heading off unauthorized  use lost/stolen phone is limited.
Item 5) Does provide free directory service but cellular providers may still charge for placing call to them

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