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RE: Diesel initiative on ropes _ COP-Tyson Borger Animal Fat Diesel JV could be killed

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Charles Randall

This is update on the COP Borger JV with Tyson Foods to use leftover animal fat and make bio-diesel to be blended with Borger Refinery Diesel. This was great example of using either waste or coal derived products to extend a refinery fuels products that back out expensive crude imports and meet US demand with US derived products.
The process was similar to some of the initial Butterball applications of Thermal Depolymerzation skid units to break down turkey waste into gasoline / products (see articles Turkey Guts into Gasoline). Solves two large problems & was great answer.
But the COP Borger JV will be in trouble without the $1/gallon tax credit since this is still leading edge technology and fairly initial commercial scale applications. And it is insight into Environmental sector that has put the entire US into an energy crisis by its stupid anti-fossil fuel approach.  The Congressmen it has bought via lobbyist would rather see no crude be eliminated than have any fuel made from fossil fuel source that competes for biosource tax credits.
I have no idea why there should be this huge outcry against diesel from waste animal fat – other than it is being blended into petroleum based diesel pool and neither did the IRS. But neither Environmentalist nor the politicians they bought would allow it to stand and have tried 9 times to pass legislation as article mentions to limit the COP/Tyson application.
As both COP & Tyson argue this is time when we need expand all sources for making more diesel and gasoline products and especially from a renewable sector or cleaner burner product. The US should have an even larger tax credit and it should extend to Coal derived fuel products and animal waste fuel products even more so than from grains like corn & soybean that disrupt our entire food industry……idiots. 
These type legislative idiots are completely at ease with countries like China that are Subsidizing their fuel products by over $3.00/gallon every year that crush competing US industry and jobs but cannot stand to share a minimal tax credit with a potential fossil fuel use. Mark down these guys names & vote them out at the next election.

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