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RE: decreasing of salt in crude oil desalting

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Charles Randall

I am not sure what your point would be in going around a Desalting Unit, makes no sense to me, since they conserve water use and maximize salt removal. Some desalters used in the Upgrading Units in Canada Syncrude production have tripple stage deslating in the same vessel (CE-NATCO?).
A well functioning desalter unit is the heart of a delayed coking units effective operation and key to reaching design life goals.
The advances in second stage & tripple stage desalting have been gatekeepers in fending off problems from extra-heavy non-conventional crudes that can form water-in-oil instead of oil-in-water emulsions (ie conducts current) and are increasing in TAN levels (the organic acids interupt the normal inorganic acid corrision process from sealing off metal attack).
If you are a well meaning environmentalist type that is looking for “bugs to eat sulfur” type of green approach, forget I said looking at positive outcome from manufacturing process will be beyond your comprehension. If you are just too cheap to put the unit in ….. get over it and stop paying 4X it price in equipment replacement & operating problems.

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