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Lucibar Davalillo

As far i know, no many cokers have a feed tk; last coker i was had one as part of the unit; it was designed to allow about 24 hr recovery for, either coker or vacuum unit short trips; tk level was allowed to increase from 50 to 80% in the case of coker shutdown; or, from 50 to 20% for the case of vacuum units shutdown. The tk was provided with 2-60% capacity pumps; about 70-80% of total vacuum bottoms was directly fed to the coker and the remaining was going thru the TK via coker feed.   
Regarding location, the preference should be to be closer to the coker unit as possible and letting coker to control inventory.
it is highly important providing the tk with temperature indicators to be used as cross-check for level readings; 2 radar were used, one for control and one for indication.

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