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RE: CVX El Segundo Shuts FCC Maint for several weeks

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Charles Randall

Guests on – How many US Ref’ners have their Fcc’s down due economics/gasoline margins:

No – but you could get rough idea by looking in Maint S/D tables NAM that just posted for Jan 2009 and look at comments section for current & history portions.  Unfortunately lot Refineries also push S/D schedules forward when demand/economy is bad (or delay restart) and they don’t often comment on reason. …. But you can always look at earlier versions table for timing & duration of downtime & if thier wasn’t problem or specific reason for the delay I think you can deduce it was becasuse of economy/margins.

Otherwise this would probably have to be a survey question to go to major refiners and ask (top 7 control ~75% production) – some like Valero may often do a News release about economy as the cause for shutdowns.  So as starting guide – look at news alerts like this one on CVX El Segundo/earlier ones (note despite CVX claim the long El Segundo downtime has been planned for some time it wasn’t listed prior Jan 09 tables), and then look at those mentioned in S/D tables current/history portions and record the examples. Then do search on Google for topic and see if you can improve list……and then go majors to flesh out final table & get update from past examples to cite for your contact (ps dont waste your time with Public Spokesman/PR contacts – look for Company Exec’s/Refinery Managers that often do Refining and Forecast presentations for the current years PO / Investment purposes.)


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