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RE: Crane selection



The use of a coke pad instead of a pit is thought to be better for such high amount of Coke. One design that works well is the bridge crane type (OVHD) with a  central fixed coke hoper/crusher and conveyor transfer station (disadvantage is the crane capacity is larger than other configurations due to the 2D movement required by the crane to dump the coke at the fixed crusher location). Opinions about the use of FEL’s vs cranes are always in the table (coke production, wetaher factors, crane reliability, etc.). Cranes should be properly specified in the early stage of the project (a proper duty spec should be produced), taking in consideration materials of construction, automation, reliability and new designs being offered nowadays by the crane manufacturers with Coke handling experience (mainly Kone and P&H). You may contact me for more information.

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