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RE: COP Woodriver Refinery New 60MBD Coker Startup

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Charles Randall

Aguchak Q: Post 18 WW lost anode producers – unable to find.
A: I made the list around 11/19/2010 but for once decided not to give my competitors a free ride and did not post full list on this. <BTW (by the way) – there were 22 full anode producers/7 partial anode producer/4 non-anode specialty producers who were switching to fuel production>.
I did make partial mention of this list in comments on post:
 2/14/2011 -Majors close/sell refineries
8/31/2011 – Sinopec Anqing 45day T/A
Unfortunately right after I developed the conversion fuel list the OGJ WW Refinery Survey Dec 2010/Jan 2011 Capacities came out and it had buttload of  refinery coker unit errors (see post 1/26/2011) with huge hole for China cokers =only 8 (of 87 sites/62 operating) shown by OGJ & both corrections & backfilling for China diverted followup on this topic.
OGJ did put out Special Report in Mar 2011 (see post 3/18/2011) that caught half China cokers missing from Survey (mostly Govt owned ones) but didnt make it into this years OGJ WW Refinery Survey Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Capacities (In fact most errors from 2010 still not caught – none coke tons Mexico/only 8 China cokers/ect).

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