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RE: COP-Saudi's Delay Yanbu Refinery (&Coker) Construction 2Q09

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Charles Randall

You would think with crude demand concerns that the Saudi’s would push this forward? There is also some rumor that the delay is from not being able to get bidding pulled together – but this could just be from recent change in new Saudi leader for Oil sector. Some believe expanding internal refining capabilities during time high prices & shortages is not best interest – the other view is supported by recent huge drop in both price & demand levels with even China cutting back production, imports & taking early shutdown maintenance.
But this could also be little negotiating room to seek price drop on cost project?  The Saudi’s were little steamed at past 2X increase on their refinery projects – given drop in commodities like steel & canceling of projects; it would give good reason to expect that outcome.
I believe Saudi’s Yanbu (COP coker tech) or Jebail (FW coker tech) project was to put in a Resid HDS for making some HFO alternate at 1%Sulf level?  
That could give support to a proposed Gasan Calciner project in Saudi Arabia – which should be looking at Yanbu or Jebail for green anode supply?  (Doesn’t seem likely to me).

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