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RE: COP & Petrobras only early contendors Aruba refinery.

Home Forums Refining Community Refinery News Petrobras seems to be to potential buyer of Valero Aruba refinery. RE: COP & Petrobras only early contendors Aruba refinery.


Charles Randall

Petrobras & COP are only early contendors for Aruba that now list several interested parties. 
And the Aruba refinery may not necessarily be sold, Day said, as the company would consider a joint venture. Other companies thought to be interested in the Aruba refinery are Alon USA Energy Inc, Citgo Petroleum Corp, Delek U.S. Holdings Inc, Lukoil and Tesoro Corp .
<Also might want to remember that Petrobras & PdVSA made failed attempt to buy Aruba back in 1997 that was rebuffed.>
 See earlier news items on Valero Aruba sale – and Here is link to Reuters Nov 13 Article with lead mention of COP & Petrobras on the Sales Update (So far none of players are giving out comments):
FYI – article also mentions sale potentional (as did earlier news on sale) that Valero has land locked refineries at Ardmore (85 MBD) , Mckee (170 MBD), Krotz Springs (85MBD), Paulsboro (170 MBD)  & Memphis (190 MBD) on the sale block as well.

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