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RE: : COP Ferndale attacked as Aging refinery using Lethal chemical (HF)

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Charles Randall

Recent liberal/environmental advertising war attacking some most efficient, safe & profitable refinery process – after eliminating MTBE units & process they have moved on to the HF Alkylate gasoline process. When California led the attack on MTBE, Valero put out a good presentation (Hart Fuels Conf 2001) with a slide (#10) on gasoline blending entitled the “Sphincter diagram” which showed the crippling constraints on being able blend gasoline making all cumulative restrictions & why California (who has led all environmental legislation against refineries) has to pay $1.0-1.50/gallon more than rest US.
The ABC & Environmental Scare tactics, bent on spreading fear have used stats for 29+ Refinery fires or accidents and try infer these could have led to HF acid release with horrific loss (despite the fact in many more accidents and over 70 years use no such HF release even has transpired). ABC using liberal junk science has been latest lead for this propaganda distribution (source article & comments below) attacking/scaring populations of 50 cities near refineries using the HF process even though no such incidents have occurred on HF process put in/upgraded since WWII! (see Coffeyville type ABC article
The HF Acid claims are part of bigger push against Chlorine & Fluorine compounds however charges haven’t been placed against Government use Fluorine in our drinking water for teeth/health or Chlorine for purification. And as one article commenter points out – although no deaths have been reported from Refinery HF acid, several deaths have occurred from people miss-using chlorine bleach in homes with other chemicals. Yet no action is being pursued against home use Bleach?  <Note see comments from others bottom page>
Unfortunately the United Steelworkers Union (USW) thru efforts VP Gary Beevers is also leading the attack against HF process calling for nationwide phase-out of HF units ( As leader of the 850,000 member union working has actively been with Serria Club & Citizens for Environmental Justice (Corpus) to eliminate the process. Obviously, Beevers putting the Liberal linkage of Unions, Environmentalist and Democratic platforms above the interest of his members and in process working to cannibalize their jobs. Worse in several challenges like Philadelphia & Corpus it has been refinery workers/USW representatives that provide inside information for the propaganda efforts.
The elimination of HF Alky process, and lets be real the later Sulfuric and Solid HF alternates, will punch yet another hole in profitability of refining operations in US. This will also be forcing shutdown on a large number of less complex US Cracking & Simple refineries along with LOT of USW union Refinery jobs and insure imports from all “Developing Countries” like China, India & S. America where there aren’t any environmental pressures. <USW has already let down US Steelworkers where China dumped undervalued steel & coal coke until over 21 companies were bankrupt and industry decimated before a US tariff forced China to back off.> 
Refineries under attack by Liberals for HF Alky process:
Coffeyville – 3/38/11 (ABC Mat Mosk & CenterPublic Integerity attack 50cities creating fear with residents / no incident or basis HF release)
COP Ferndale – 2/24/11 (Patty Murray Democrat led attack / no incident)
Citgo Corpus – 3/11/09 (USW – one employee with thermal burns from fire not HF)
Sunoco Philadelphia – 7/19/09 (USW – 10 contractors sent hospital after fire resulted HF release but all released) 
Big West Bakersfield hearing – 6/11/08 (State Senator Florez led charges)

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