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RE: : COP Ferndale attacked as Aging refinery using Lethal chemical (HF)

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Charles Randall

FYI -A few very good conservative article response to liberal generated articles against refining & HF process: 
Coffeyville article comment: #1 Lina Inverse 2011-02-25 09:35
While hydrofluoric acid is seriously nasty stuff there are good reasons why it’s used instead of alternatives like sulfuric acid.
I’d say one bottom line is that it has been used for a long time and yet there’s been no mass casualty accidents, which suggests that the industry has things well enough in hand. Sure, there’s risk involved, but the risks are far greater from the people who push these hysterical campaigns, seeing as how their thinly disguised goal is nothing less than the de-industrializati on of the US/world. For example, they want to end the use of chlorine; Lima, Peru took their advice and got themselves a cholera outbreak….

COP Ferndale comment: Opus8no5 02/25/11:
The USA has aging refineries because politicians have bowed to environmental groups, etc. and have prevented the building of much needed new refineries, oil and gas exploration, new nuclear plants and hydroelectric dams. There seems to be a commitment by the left to make available sources of energy so expensive that “green energy” will be competitive.

COP Ferndale comment: Pete1427 02/26/11:
There are several chemicals in the periodical table that are extremely hazardous to living mater.
Combinations of some of those chemicals often do not lessen their dangers.
One such chemical is cadmium which attacks the nervous system.
It is used with nickel to make Ni-Cad batteries and can readily be found in use
by our society. There is no mandate to eliminate it from use as it considered ‘green’
as it can replace other batteries that also harm the environment, but they can be recharged.

HCl—Hydrochloric acid, like Hydrofluoric acid, can release poisonous gasses into the
atmosphere. Those two elements Chlorine, and Fluorine are ones that have been proven
poisonous elements but are, in fact, used daily in our drinking water to prevent disease, and
tooth decay. (Chlorination, and Fluoridation are the processes used to make drinking water
safer and help prevent tooth decay)
HF has a proven history of being handled safely by industry. Fluorine is the dangerous element
in HF , but our government sees fluorine as fit and practical to use it in our drinking water to help
prevent tooth decay.
To the best of my knowledge there have been no deaths reported in the refineries from HF exposure,
but there have been a number of deaths caused by the improper use of chlorine bleach by individuals
in their home that ignorantly mix it with other cleaners that allow the release of chlorine( a close relative
of Fluorine and similar detrimental effects to the body) gas.
I do not see any government mandate to eliminate chlorine bleach and hope not to.
Patty Murray is crying “wolf” over this issue because she is either ignorant or stupid.
You choose.

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