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Charles Randall

<Carin Knickel is VP, Human Resources.
Here’s another more informative news article…but I think the gist is that Ponca workforce may shrink to just the refinery and pipeline Ops.  What the article missed is that most or all of these jobs will just be moving down the road to Bartlesville. The only thing that I have direct hearsay on is that R&D is getting consolidated into BVille, not leaving the state.
But it would be pretty dramatic for Ponca City to lose hundreds of jobs….I think the ‘center of the universe’, at least energy-wise, may soon be Dubai instead of Houston. 
I havent heard anything about the COP Carbon Fibers commercial scale plant, people & business offices at Ponca – wonder if UCAR just got it for free (although I know COP did have something for fibers in electric car batteries )?– comments Charlie Randall>

ConocoPhillips considers job cuts at Ponca City

2008 The Associated Press
Nov. 7, 2008, 10:16AM

OKLAHOMA CITY – ConocoPhillips is considering eliminating or moving 700 jobs at the company’s Ponca City facility, company official have confirmed.
The jobs being reviewed are within the company’s pipeline and terminal headquarters division, payment systems enterprises division, technology division, facility services division and global information services division. The review is expected to take until about the end of January.
“ConocoPhillips always has been proactive at looking for business efficiency opportunities,” said Tracy Harlow, spokeswoman for the Houston-based company.
The ConocoPhillips evaluation does not include about 750 refinery or operational pipeline jobs in Ponca City. Harlow said the jobs review was announced to affected employees this week.
Bruce Bell, chairman emeritus of the Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association of Oklahoma, said he wasn’t surprised.
“They have kind of been heading in that direction ever since they took over Phillips,” Bell said.
Bell called the announced job review “par for the course,” noting that big companies like to consolidate their people into one location.
“Houston has just become the center of the universe, Dallas is a distant second, and we are at the tail end,” he said.

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