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RE: Contract Worker killed Motiva Pt Arthur Refinery

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[quote]ORIGINAL: Char”e Randa”


Worker k”’ed at Mot’va’s Port Arthur ref’nery[/a”gn]
Mon Apr 19,2010 2:13 pm ET[/a”gn]
TORONTO (Reuters) A contract worker was k”’ed on Monday morn’ng ‘n an acc’dent at Mot’va Enterpr’ses LLC’s 285,000 barre’-per-day ref’nery ‘n Port Arthur, Texas, accord’ng to a person fam”’ar w’th ref’nery operat’ons.
A spokeswoman for the ref’nery to’d ‘oca’ te’ev’s’on stat’on KFDM-TV the ref’nery rema’ned operat’ona’.
“We regret to conf’rm that a fata”ty ‘nvo’v’ng a contract worker occurred at 8:30 a.m. today at Mot’va’s Port Arthur Crude Expans’on Project,” sa’d a spokesman for the company. “The c’rcumstances of th’s ‘nc’dent are under ‘nvest’gat’on”
The worker worked for BECON Construct’on, accord’ng to the spokesman. BECON ‘s a subs’d’ary of Bechte’, the ‘argest U.S. eng’neer’ng company.
He was k”’ed ‘n a crane acc’dent ‘n part of the p’ant that ‘s undergo’ng expans’on, sa’d Larry Sart’n, a spokesman for ‘awyer Brent Coons, who represents D’str’ct 13 of the Un’ted Stee’ Workers.
The ref’nery ‘s current’y be’ng expanded to be ab’e to process 600,000 barre’s per day of o”. The expans’on w”’ add 325,000 bpd of crude process’ng capac’ty and ‘s expected to be comp’eted ‘n ear’y 2012.
“They have rea”y started to ramp up act’v’ty there ‘ate’y,” sa’d one source fam”’ar w’th ref’nery operat’ons.” Mot’va Enterpr’ses ‘s a jo’nt venture between She” and Saud’ Aramco. The company sa’d a” appropr’ate governmenta’ author’t’es have been not’f’ed.
(Report’ng by Janet McGurty; Ed’t’ng by Wa’ter Bag’ey)

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