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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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man-u, the project will go on hold shortly. it is just mind boogling how no one did any cost value analysis. what happened to schedule, budget, and cost variances. where was the team at? forget about risk management. what problem, i don’t see a problem. i was doing cost value analysis yesterday for this project and it just blew me away. do you know that as of january 1, 2009, the project is about 15 % complete in my estimation, may be a little less, but 15 is a goood number. this is an $8 Billion project. close to $2 billion unaccounted for. not sure how much actual costs are. Hey lets throw in a billion and half. Where are we at, close to $3 billion, if not more. Yes, must of the work done thus far is civil. the lowest payed of all the crafts. for the record, i am a civil guy- carpenter. this reminds of those equations we would get in college and right away i would tell the professor not enough information given, therefore, the problem can not be solved. so we have about 38% of the budget gone, but we have about 15% of the work done. also, we must understand that the project has been going on for over 15 months. man-u this is giving me a headache.
okay, here is the deal. motiva should have just taken the s&b and kbr bid. and they would not be in this mess. or the mess the joint venture got them in.
hey man-u, loved the fu zachery story. when things like that happen and someone gets caught, they should prosecute them and blackball then from the petro-chemical industry.   

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