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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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i know it may sound like hind sight, but the truth is i brought some of this up in august 2008. i have some project managemnet experience, and was very quick to see how this project was being managed. i told co-workers how this project was going to be run into the ground by the end of the year. it is not to say i was right all along, but just to point out that if the problems were obvious since that time, why didn’t anyone do anything about it.
i have also said that this project will end up in a courtroom in beaumont, texas. i received a message today, how they may stop the project for 6 weeks. i could not believe it. What??? no !!!!
in august when i told my co-workers to start looking for a job somewhere else, i told them that the project would eventually be put on hold. they asked when will that happen? i told them when all the footings, the storm water line, and fire water lines are underground.
you know i was just a lonely journeyman on this project, and i came to see all these things first hand. i worked with a bunch of great guys. some took my advise and others did not. it is funny how they call me and ask how it was i knew so much. by the way, i posted the other message about the joint venture not being able to account for over a billion dollars.
i am tired of all this backroom hand shaking, politicking bull. heads have to roll. bechtel and jacobs do the right thing and give the money back.  fire all those jerks, losers, and punks who like to take what is not theirs.
this would make great court tv. i would watch it like i did the oj trial.

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