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RE: Construction co face more layoffs (30%) 2009

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Joshua Lege

Are you saying that because they ran the lines incorrectly that the project is on hold, or that after they put in those lines the project would be put on hold…?
Its amazing to me that it has so quickly stopped, but i do believe it would have just kept on going if the money was still flowing from high oil prices and high demand. I am starting to believe that any of these updates or builds are just trouble from the start. 
It sounds like you know the area, i worked at the BASF Naptha Cracker project, in Port Arthur, and that job was a headache, i loved the story that they started the unit up but was unable to get flow in various places in the unit.  They then had to use robots with cameras on them to run the lines.  They found blinds welded into the lines, with various words on them, one i that i liked said FU Zachary, lol, funny but not funny when you are trying to start up a multi-million dollar unit.  Anyway, im always amazed at the way these projects go and the firms that build them.. They have great workers but seem to abuse them at every turn.

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